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Toothpaste Tablet MU&ME | Mint flavor | 25 grams (approx 140 pcs) with portable can

by MU&ME

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Original price $ 98.70
$ 98.70
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Mint flavored toothpaste tablets. Helps eliminate oral bacteria giving anti-caries function. Fluoride-free product added with xylitol to control cavities.

USE: Put the tablet on your teeth, then bite it and with your wet toothbrush brush as normal. Finally rinse and enjoy the freshness of a clean mouth.

It includes:

portable pill tin

25 grams of pills (approximately 140 pieces)

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Rebekah Noriega
Nice to meet you

I loved all the products... I hope to try more things later

Margaret Hernandez
Excellent buy

It has excellent flavor, practical for all times, I love it

Mahelet Martinez Garnica
mint toothpaste!

Excellent product very practical to go on a trip or always want a feeling of freshness and white and clean teeth!
I recommend them 100%

Elena Iduñate Barrera
I loved

With the toothpastes, brushing my teeth made me lose sleep. With the pills I brush my teeth before bed and it doesn't alter my sleep routine.

Aurora Veronica Ramos Juarez

I really liked the presentation, the flavor, and the sensation of freshness that it leaves behind. However, I would like to know the ingredients... it does say natural, but which ones? Even if it's just on the page so you don't have to print a giant label.

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